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Agrotourism consulting

Agrotourism consulting

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Want to do value added to your farm business, but not sure how or what to do? 

Let me help you. 

My feet are never touching the ground and I love to dream. I have added value to our farm in many ways by thinking outside the box. 

We have added the following:

* air bnb on property

* on farm poultry processing plant 

* flower farm 

* added value with direct meat sales 

* added value with pet treats 

* added value with harvest hosts 

* added value with on farm events and dinners 

Invest in adding value to your farm+ranch today 


With the purchase of this survive you get a 30 minute consulting fee with me on zoom. During this call, you will tell me about your operation. I will ask questions about your operation, dreams, strengths and desires.

 If at the end of our phone call we both feel like we want to make it happen, we will invoice you for $1,500 for the consulting fee, plus travel costs and a one night stay in a nearby hotel plus transportation. 

With this package you will receive 8 hours of my time in person plus a 5+ page portfolio of suggested ideas and implementation of these ideas to add value to your farm+ranch. This also includes a 30 minute zoom following our in person visit to check in, coach and encourage.